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how to raise

 昼間 また 頭を冷やし(冷静になるってこと) 
私は 今 自分の出来る事に集中しようと思った。

 ふと 大学に通ってた時の事 授業を思い出した。
何の授業か忘れたけど 教授が Jean-Jacques Rousseau ルソーの話をしていて
ルソーはphilosopher writer composer of 18th century
有名な Emile, or on Education を書いた人なんだけど
『エミールはりっぱな本の内容だけど ルソーは子供を孤児院に入れたり 放浪したりして いろいろあるんだよ。
でも 実際 本人がどうであれ 本の内容が人の心を動かし 影響を与えるならそれでいいんだから
あなた達も 恐れずに 自分の意見を書いて残しなさい どんなにりっぱな事を思っても 書かなければ残らない』 と言ったの。
 それを 今日 ふと思い出した。

私の英語力は 上達どころか・・衰退してるんじゃ?と 10年も前の英作文見て思ったけど
見つけたので それをここに写してみようと思う。
 文法も 単語も 英語圏での2歳児位かな。。。 (。-_-。)

How to raise a bookworm

when i was a small, since i could't read, my parents read fairy tales,children's stories for me every day and night.
i really loved that time.
i always enjoyed imagining myself as a hero or heroine.
at that time, i was an egg of a bookworm.
my mother must have been sitting on her egg.
but she failed in hatching me when i was a second year student in elementary school.
then students were asked to write a book report about any impressions of a book.
i wrote about one children's story which i forgot the name, it may not have been so impressive.
it so happened that i received the mayor prize for it, in a small city though.
my mother was ecstatic to hear it and told me," you have a talent as a writer."
almost all parents tend to think their kids have a talent.
without exception, my mother did too.
but i'm sorry i'm an ordinary person!
she may have tried to develop my talent if any.
what was worse, she added one more word.
"from now on, every book you read, you have to write a book report and i will buy you a new book."
when i heard it, i plunged into despair.
i became really sad and i couldn't write even one book report.
the more i thought about it, the more i couldn't write.
i wanted to read a book painfully.
i think i was almost sick.
several sad months passed, i gave up reading a book.
i nearly didn't like books anymore.
now i remember that, it's important to never give up.
suddenly, a life boat came to my home!
it was my aunt.
she noticed i was blue and asked my mother why.
and then she really understood me and reproved my mother for such strict educational standards.
so i was saved!
luckily, i was born as a bookworm!!
now my happy thing is that i can read what i want to read.
i can't live without a book or something to read.
i'd like to say one more word.
it difficult to raise a bookworm!
my daughters,they love comic books.
i may have raised comic worms!
i don't care... worm is worm.

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